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AS3 – Ejemplo – Proscenium – Modificar los vertices de un triangulo – parte 2 – (crear terreno con elevaciones)

Ejemplo: Proscenium – crear terreno Año: 2011 V.: AS3
Adobe Proscenium. como crear un terreno con monstañas modificando lso vertices de los triangulos [e]

Proscenium – Flash – AS3 – Modify vertex of triangle (vertex elevation – part 2 – creating a terrain with elevations)

The next example (Part 3) will create a dynamic map loading textures go and boost level as it progresses
El próximo ejemplo (Parte 3) será crear un mapa dinámico que vaya cargando las texturas y el nivel de elevación a medida que se avanza

If you set the width and height of the tiles between 1×1 or 5×5 and you get closer to the ground you will appreciate the speed increased, the smaller the tile faster, bigger slower the camera will move.

Try this setting one that will really slow Although only one box is displayed

Cols = 1
Rows = 1
Width = 200px
Height = 200px
RandomY = 1

Try these settings and see that going very fast although rectangles display 100×100 = 10,000 10,000 * 2 = 20,000 Triangles (With this configuration the map is very small and you must stick to the floor with Downy button)

Cols = 100
Rows = 100
Width = 1px
Height = 1px
RandomY = 1

Note:If the map is not drawn correctly the first time, then you press the button again drawn

This movie requires Flash Player 9

The Code:

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